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The Real Deal for Oldies R&B and Soul Music

Ask anyone who's seen The Connections and they'll tell you it's a one-of-a-kind experience. Three expert musicians playing the songs they love with passion and joy, and taking anyone watching along for the ride.

CARL FOYE(Lead Vocals) grew up in 1950's Harlem, listening to Doo-Wop groups rehearsing in stairwells and watching his mother sing in The Lionel Hampton Orchestra. As a teenager, he toured the Chitlin Circuit with Marvin Gaye. Over the years he has appeared on countless recordings as a singer and percussionist; too many to list here. He is a master showman with an uncanny ability to break through boundaries and bring an entire crowd of strangers together through the magic of live music.

TYRONE BARNETT(Guitar, Percussion, Vocals) spent his early years watching musicians of all kinds come through his father's recording studio. At 12, He began performing on sidewalks and at county fairs, and as an adult toured the West Coast with various groups. Tyrone has the unique ability to play percussion with both his feet, guitar with his hands, and sing simultaneously. A fearless improviser and performer, he provides hot licks, tasty harmonies and an irresistible groove that is the backdrop for Carl's transcendent vocals.

JEREMIAH HARRIS(Bass, Vocals) joined the group in 2018. For 8 years it was just Tyrone and Carl, both not wanting to disrupt the natural chemistry they had together by adding another member(even though it sure would've been nice to have a bass player). They figured it would have to be a very special individual who could join "The A Team," as Carl put it. Well, Jeremiah finally arrived, took The Connections' sound to a whole new level, and The Connections were reborn as a trio. Bringing his own decades of expertise, a soulful feel and solid backing vocals, The Connections now had the full, uncompromised sound they always wanted.

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It's no accident they're called The Connections. Right down to how they first met spontaneously while performing in the subway, this unique group has a singular ability to connect people with the shared experience of live music performed from the heart and with boundless joy and passion. The Connections share a special feeling of love and togetherness with their audiences that is immediately and irresistibly infectious.
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Casey Johnson

“The Connections made our family reunion so special. We knew exactly what type of music we wanted and The Connections pulled off every performance with their fantastically unique style and voice. Our whole family is still talking about how amazing the whole event was.”

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Every Summer The Connections come to Washington Square Park to entertain New Yorkers of all ages and walks of life. Victor Arroyo was on hand to record this interview.

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